A New Town & A New Adventure for CGP!

Country Gem Photography Has begun a new adventure as a photography business...

We packed up our glitter and glitz and our papers and props, don't worry we remembered the cameras and thing-a mah what-its!

We are now able to offer our photographic services to the Nevis, park rapids Mn and surrounding areas. I look forward to what this new adventure has in store for us.

lets ring in this new year with a resolution for creating great art and meeting new people.

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2018 Seniors Capturing Uniquely You!

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Why I LOVE Senior Portraits!! 

Senior portraits have changed.A LOT! Sence 2009 when I had mine done. And I absolutely love it! Today's Seniors want to express WHO they are in their photos and get creative. Well, that's music to my ears. I adore working with these kids because they love the process and we always end up having a FABULOUS time together!! I tend to go adventures with them that take ups to unique locations and spots that create great shots that others would simply walk past and ignore. My 2017 Seniors have been amazing so far this year and I am looking forward to more. Here's a handful of fun Senior portraits for you to check out and get a feel for my style, and if you have a Senior student or you ARE a Senior this year...give me a call!! I'd love to chat!

Katie's Senior Session 2018

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Katie's senior session was shot at various locations around Oyens & Lemars Iowa. We used a verity of locations for her session to create fun vibrant images as well as moodier dark images. Her session truly shows her style and personality. The theme for her session is airy and fun.

Dakotah's Senior Session 2018

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Dakotah’s senior session was a lot of fun. We went on an adventure around LeMar’s Iowa, walking alleys and finding beautiful art to use as backdrops, took a trip to an open field and a golf course to find hidden treasures of locations. It’s like we were on a treasure hunt! Dakotah’s session took place in the downtown LeMar’s, Iowa area. We utilized the multiple locations around the LeMar’s area to give her shoot a vast variety of images and styles while still continuing on with the wanderlust theme.

Pashea's Senior Session 2018

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Pashea had her session in Paullina, Iowa. We used a unique old but that is parked near the main road at N&D storage. As well as going down to MIll creek park and shout at various locations around the walking trails and on the island. But the coolest part was using an abandon farm stead. It was a lot of fun and her more edgy approach to styling made it a very neat session.

Country Gem Photography Newsletter July 2017!

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Welcome to our Blog

The Country Gem Corner

INDIE SOLEIL MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2017 INDIE SOLEIL MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2017 Indie Soleil Magazine features artwork, writing and fashion/concept photography from Indie creatives.

 As many of my clients know I originally attended college for a fine art degree majored in / painting and drawing. I wanted to create what was in my imagination. I wanted to create things that made people feel something or contemplate what was the meaning of an art piece. As I continued trough college I discovered how much my hobby of photography meant to me and that's when lightning struck so to say. I decided to make it more than a hobby I wanted it to be my career path. 

I began to study and learn how to properly take photographs. I began running a photo business at 18. I realized that my fine art training allowed me to think outside of the box when it came to photographic imagery. So along with taking lifestyle photography and your studio style photography, I started dabbling in creative concept pieces such as this.

It took many years to understand photoshop to the point of producing my creations. Once I mastered using Photoshop to manipulate and create paintings over top of images. Now I find my self-creating worlds and fantasy scene's with unique characters. '

this was my first creative imagery publication for 2017!

Some images from this set where featured and some where not.